Everything Old is New Again!
"2ndHandMade Sewing Guides" 
Reuse Old Fabrics to Craft Wonderful New Products for Everyday Use

Good for the budget and good for the environment, 2ndHandMade Sewing Guides are the creation of Karen Powell, a San Francisco Designer with over 20 years of experience in sewn-product design and development.  "These guides are perfect for do-it-yourselfers who love sewing, "thrift hunting" and preserving the environment through reuse".

Learn how-to  make items for home, work and play with little effort and minimal resources. 2ndHandMade Sewing  Guides illustrates six easy steps for turning used textile goods such as clothing, linens, bedding, curtains and accessories, into new products for everyday use. To view Sewing Guides visit 
These easy-to sew projects are ideal for the frugal minded and eco-conscious and are targeted at several markets -- home sewing, sustainable living, and green design. Launched in December 2000, the first ten 2ndHandeMade Sewing Guides, utilizing shirts, T-shirts, tablecloths, towels, ties, hankies and placemats, are : Chefs Apron, Gift Wrap, Herb Dryer, Pillow Cover, Coverlet, Yoga Mat, Laundry Bag, Floor Runner, Hankie Art, and Garden Tote.

Each guide contains illustrated instructions for turning used textile goods into new products (no more than six steps per project) and includes a supply list, extra designing ideas and fabric reuse tips. At just $5.95 a piece, the eco-friendly guide further reflects Karen's concern for the environment. Printed on 100% recycled paper, they're slipped into a biodegradable cellulose bag with a tree-free package header. 
Karen plans to add five new guides twice a year, which will reflect changing trends in the marketplace. 2ndHandMade Sewing Guides can be viewed online and purchased directly from Karen via mail order. 

Karen also shares her ingenious approach to sew-your-own lifestyle products through a series of popular creative reuse classes taught at The Sewing Workshop in San Francisco, California. For more information on 2ndHandMade and to view Sewing Guides online visit our NEW! website 

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