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Editor's Note: We have reproduced the November 97 issue of the Get Creative! Newsletter here for your convenience. However, most of the articles are elsewhere in the site with illustrations and are indicated with links to the pages in question. If you would prefer a complete copy of this newsletter via e-mail please send a request to info@getcreativeshow.com

Get Creative! Newsletter, Issue 3

November 10

Hello again! And welcome to all the subscribers who have joined us this last month. Our subscription base has DOUBLED since last issue so we've been very busy! It sure is a lot of fun though reading the great comments everyone sends in and it's really gratifying to know that the newsletter is being read and enjoyed!

Before I get carried away here, let me remind you if there are any problems with your subscription please let me know. Several people have mentioned that they can not access URLs that run on two or more lines. If this is a problem for you, please try cutting and pasting them to your browser or go to the indicated section of the site to find the article in question.

Well, October was as busy as it promised to be! Last month I was cooking turkey and pies and this month I baked fruitcakes! Halloween has come and gone and I just have to share one cute incident. My 3 1/2 year old nieces (twins) were thrilled with their butterfly costumes until one crucial issue presented itself -- "Mommy, how are we going to fly?" Kids!! By the way, I did not make the costumes, my sister purchased them, BUT I have been requested to provide some "dress-up" wear in the form of tutus in the near future.

I have just come back from a wonderful but exhausting couple of days at the Circle Craft Christmas Market in Vancouver, BC. I introduced you to Karen Booy, our resident "crafter" in a previous issue, and I've been working in her booth the last few days selling her Christmas ornaments and decorations. Circle Craft is a very well known show here locally -- they just celebrated their 24th year -- and is quite a prestigious show to participate in. There are a huge variety of arts and crafts at the show, from specialty foods (like the chocolate-covered dried strawberries I ate for lunch one day!), clothing, and jewelry items to fabulous art items like blown glass, and stone and wood carvings. There were also a number of other booths that had Christmas gift items and decorations.

It was very inspiring and a lot of fun to talk to customers and VERY busy! We started to run out of some products after the first day but Karen had her trusty glue gun in the back of the booth and kept making new ones to sell!! I commented to Karen after hearing her tell several customers how to make the finished designs she was selling in the booth, that she was very unusual -- how many craftspeople will share their ideas with others?? But that's just the way she is. And we are lucky enough to have her share some of her ideas with us!!

"Willy Melt & Betty Won't" are a cute clothespeg "snow couple" and will make great gifts and decorations.This was a really hot seller at the show!


"Willy Melt & Betty Won't"

Clothespin Snow People

by Karen Booy, Ewe & Me Pattern Co.

Fun to make! A great Christmas project for the kids!!!


One of my projects this past month has been to sew a couple jumpers and vests for myself for my "gig" at the craft show. Let me explain -- these are in a Christmas theme. Last year Karen picked fabrics that coordinated with her craft line and I sewed jumpers for her and her staff and matching tapestry Christmas vests. BUT, since I wasn't at the show myself last year, I didn't get an outfit :-(

So -- I've been busy remedying that omission! The jumpers I made both feature patch pockets. In my opinion, patch pockets that are less than perfect will definitely make a garment look "homemade." One trick I have used for years is the use of a cardboard template -- and that's exactly what expert Jan Bones of Excellence in Sewing recommends. Jan Bones is new to Get Creative! but she is not new to sewing. She says it's okay if people remember her name because it's "funny." After years of teaching pattern design, garment construction, tailoring, and draping at the University of Manitoba I guess she's heard all the jokes. She has recently branched out and begun teaching classes at consumer shows and has produced a video and book called "Perfect Pockets With Jan Bones." The following seminar is from her book. She also has a line of lingerie patterns that come in an average and a plus size range!!


Perfect Round Patch Pockets

By Jan Bones, Excellence in Sewing


If you are one of those people that has sworn off sewing tailored pants for yourself, you might want to take a look at the instructions Kathleen Spike gives us this month in Pant Fitting Tips. She recommends using a technique called a "skirted front" to solve some of the common fitting problems pants can present us with! (Okay, I know, it's really our odd-shaped bodies to blame!) If a "skirted front" sounds strange, it's not really -- just take a look at the illustration on the web site with these instructions and you will see immediately what she means and why her technique makes a nicer-looking, better-fitting pant. The following tips are from her "Pants Can Fit" book.

Pant Fitting Tips

by Kathleen Spike, Coaching Works , Image Organization Makes Cents



Well, we promised you more polar fleece tips in this newsletter and unfortunately I wasn't able to get the article in question in before the deadline. Look for it on the site in about 2 weeks!! However, I do have a quick no-sew project here for polar fleece that makes good use of smaller pieces and will help keep you warm and toasty this winter.


Linda Beer, Sundrop Outerwear Textiles

Use the rotary cutter and sewing ruler to neaten the edges on the long sides of the fabric. (For a different look you can use a wave or pinking blade.) Trim off the selvages on the short sides. Draw a chalk line about six inches (15 centimetres) in from either short edge, then use your rotary cutter to fringe the edges to the lines, making each fringe about 1/4 inch (0.5 centimetres) thick. Pull each fringe to curl it.

Bet you never knew you could make something so good in ten minutes!



We've had some requests for "quilty things!" I know this is a category we are lacking in at the moment, but we have some great instructors and designers coming on board in the next few months that we will prevail upon to share their knowledge. We do have for this month a quick lesson from Betty Kiser of The Path Less Traveled. Betty has written a couple of books and designed several patterns on her specialty, the Drunkard's Path quilt pattern, and the versatility of this traditional quilt block is truly amazing!! The lesson Betty is sharing with us is on "Changing a Traditional Quilt Pattern" by manipulating the blocks.

I haven't included it here because the directions really don't make sense without the illustrations. If you would like to get in touch with her for further information on her books and patterns her address is:

Betty Kiser
3360 Spring Road, Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone (717) 249-6210



A number of our subscribers have home-based or other sewing or craft-related businesses and a popular part of the Get Creative! site has been the CRAFTLINK resource center. Karen Booy (again) has been an active contributor and we are reprinting here Secret #2 from her "12 Secrets to Starting a Homebased Craft Business" series. 12 Secrets is actually the transcript of the audio-tape that comes with her "Crafting the American Dream" business start-up kit. The kit also contains five manuals and a video seminar.

If you missed secret #1 it can be found at:

12 Secrets to Starting a Home-based Craft Business, Part I



The 12 Secrets to Starting a Home-based Craft Business Part II

Secret #2 -- Really Focus

By Karen Booy, as excerpted from Crafting the American Dream and the

CRAFTLINK Newsletter



I've had a few requests from subscribers regarding putting together home parties or craft shows. I have not been able to gather any information on home parties specifically, but I have found some information on private shows or home craft shows. With the permission of West Coast CRAFTLINK we are reprinting an article from their archives called "Private Showings -- A Different Exposure for Your Creativity, by Ron Kalmakoff." It can be found

at: Private Showings -- A Different Exposure for Your Creativity

This article specifically focuses on the experiences of the author in putting together private showings for an artist's work, but has some insights that can be translated for any event of this kind.

I also want to take the opportunity to review Karen Booy's book (with co-author Dougal Walker) "Home for the Holidays." This little book is surprising -- it's PACKED with information on how to run a home craft show. Everything from traffic flow, to house utilization and set-up, advertising, displays, jurying, setting up a budget, pricing and inventory is covered! Karen has got a good deal of expertise in this area. A home craft show she ran with a previous partner was featured in a several page spread of the 1995 December issue of Canadian Living, a national magazine. One word of caution. Don't start planning something now for this year. The book recommends you start organizing in April for a November show. So now might be the time to check out other craft fairs in your neighborhood and see if you think there is a market for one next year.

For information on how to purchase "Home for the Holidays" $10 -- go to:

Ewe & Me Pattern Co





Our first "door prize" is featured on the Classic Clock Works page at:

Classic Clockworks -- Custom-made Clocks in Oak Walnut or Pine

All you have to do is visit Classic Clockworks page and send your address to Classic Clockworks by e-mail to be eligible to win a hand-crafted "World Globe Clock." The drawing will be held December 31. Classic Clock Works has several unusual clock designs featured which should make wonderful gifts!!




Check our calendar online for the month of November if you are in the Portland or Vancouver area and interested in Pant or Fit Training (Palmer/Pletsch International School of Sewing, Portland, OR) or sewing outerwear or activewear (Sundrop Outerwear Textiles, Coquitlam, BC).

Otherwise, we don't have any large regional events on our calendar for November. Linda Griepentrog of Sew News will be leading her Sew 'N Go "Bargain Hunters" Tour in LA December 2 - 7. For information send SASE to Sew 'N' Go, Box 1790, Peoria, IL 61656

I would also like to remind you that there are several events coming up that you need to book well in advance for. These include several cruises for sewers and crafters, and some new Bed and Breakfast retreats in the Chicago area. I am including our calendar up to April so you can plan in advance! If none of the these dates suit you, there are more great events on our calendar later in 1998 and I'm sure there will be lots more to come.

Don't forget to drop us a note if you know of one coming to your area.

Links to more info on MOST of these events can be found at:

Get Creative Events Calendar

January 4
Quilting in the Caribbean Cruise
Come and join Lilly Thorne and be inspired by her creations aboard the
Costa Victoria, departing Jan 4, 1998 from Ft. Lauderdale.

January 9, 19 & 11
The Great Sewing & Craft Supply Show
Albuquerque, NM
New Mexico State Fairgrounds

January 16 to 26, 1998
Quilting Cruise with Kaye Wood and Jane Hill -- Join Kay and Jane for a 10 night trans-canal adventure leaving from Acapulco and ending in San Juan.

February 19, 20 & 21
"New" The Great Sewing & Craft Supply Show
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Center

February 22 - 28
Couture Techniques & Evening Wear Construction
The Golden Needle, Bed & Breakfast Retreats
West Dundee, IL
Instructor: Susan Khalje

February 22 - March 1
Crafter's Cruise!
Cruise the Mexican Riviera
Info 604-274-8490

Feb 26 - March 1
Sewing & Stitchery Expo
Puyallup, WA

March 6, 7 & 8
The Great Sewing & Craft Supply Show
San Mateo, CA
San Mateo Expo Center

March 6, 7 & 8
Sewing & Crafts Show
Vancouver, BC
Sheraton Inn, Guildford

March 20 to 23
"In a Victorian Garden"
West Coast Paint-In
Decorative Painting Conference
Victoria, BC
Ocean Point Resort
More Info: 250-361-9261

March 20 & 21
Sewing & Crafts Show
Victoria, BC
Victoria Conference Center

March 22 - 28
Moulage & Jacket Construction Using Cool Tricks
The Golden Needle, Bed & Breakfast Retreats
West Dundee, IL
Instructor: Kenneth King

March 27 & 28
Sewing & Crafts Show
Kelowna, BC
Grand Okanagan Resort & Conference Centre

April 3, 4 & 5
The Great Sewing & Craft Supply Show
Pleasanton, CA
Alameda County Fairgrounds

April 18 - 19
Fancy Threads, Newton, NH
More Info: Phone (603) 382-3989 or
PACC members receive a 5% discount. Sign-ups before Dec 31, 1997 will receive a free copy of Susan's book!



This announcement to for YOU. We have a show and tell page called "Customer's Get Creative!" at:

Get Creative! Customers

We want YOU to share your projects and ideas with us. And stop by to look at Evalena's Machine Embroidered Vest!!

The next featured project can be yours -- so now's the time to scan in the photos of your latest project and send them to us. (And then tell all your friends you are on the 'net!)




Advertisers and Educators we would like to welcome aboard this month include:

Crafters Cruise -- Cruise the Mexican Riviera and enjoy fun workshops and craft tours along the way . . .

Excellence in Sewing -- Perfect Pockets video and book and Lingerie Secrets patterns in plus and regular size ranges. . .

Of My Hands -- Fabulous patterns and book for clothing and accessories using fabric manipulation and embellishment . . .

SJR Sew With Class -- books and creative idea patterns for adults and children from Sallie Jo Russell . . .

This is kind of a short list this month, but there are a number of other advertisers whose pages are under construction right now so you should see them in the next few weeks.




From time to time we are going to feature new products from our advertisers.To view online go to: What's New -- Products


From Of My Hands -- The Finishing Touch Wallhanging -- An attractive 18 X 22" piece of art, featuring creative fabric embellishment and manipulation techniques. Fun to do with a group of friends or in a class!

$5.50 (postage included) shipped same day as order received
FREE brochure with each order!

For more great patterns from OF MY HANDS send SASE for complete brochure to:

1375 Manzanita St, NE, Keizer, Oregon, 97303.



That's all for this month!!

Have a happy and healthy November.

Take care.

Lisa Julson


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