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Child's Doll Sling
 Victoria White, The Secret Workshop

Child's Doll SlingWhen my first child was born, I used a sling for him and loved it. When number two came along I pulled out the same sling to use for her.

Child #1 however wanted one too. Where was his teddy going to go?!? I made him a doll's sling and it was enjoyed. I am sure we looked quite the pair going down the road  together will teddies and babies all packed in. Last year #3 was born, and the same slings are still being used for both mother and child!

Sizes: One Size - fits dolls up to 36 cm (14") in length.

Fabric Requirements:


Suggested Fabrics: Cotton and cotton blends, light weight wovens, and flannelette.

All seam allowances included.

Cut your pattern pieces as follows:

Piece #1 Sling

Cut 2 on fold
length 14 inches (35.5cm) x 10 inches (25.5cm)

Here's what your piece should look like:


Piece 1 graphic

NOTE: Do NOT use this graphic as your pattern! Draw the pattern using the measurements above.


Piece #2 Strap

Cut 2
length 14 inches (35.5cm) x 7 1/2 (19cm) inches
To mark the fold line -- measure in 2.5 inches (6.5cm) in from both sides going lengthwise. This will make two (2) fold lines running down the pattern.

Piece 2 Graphic

NOTE: Do NOT use this graphic as your pattern! Draw the pattern using the measurements above.

Read Complete Instructions Before Starting Your Project!

Basic Instructions:


1. Place Sling pieces #1 right side together. Stitch edges together. Turn and press. Top-stitch along seam.

2. Gather edges along lines indicated on pattern piece. Draw up gathering threads to bring edges together. Fasten thread ends securely. Set aside.


1. On piece #2, turn back 12mm (1/2") on end of strap, pressing to the wrong side fabric. Stitch edges, right sides together.

2. Fold strap along fold line. Stitch across raw end, right sides together. Turn strap to right side and press.

Attaching straps to sling

1. Insert gathered ends of the sling (piece #1) into the open ends of the strap (piece #2),  placing all raw edges on the inside, baste. Stitch across the ends of the straps through  entire thickness.

2. Attach VelcroŽ at the end of sling straps. Place one piece of VelcroŽ on the outside of one strap and the other piece on the underside of the second strap. This allows the straps to overlap when attached.

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