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Willy Melt & Betty Won't
Clothespin Snow People

by Karen Booy, Ewe & Me Pattern Co.

Fun to make! A great Christmas project for the kids!!!

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Willy Melt & Betty Won'tMATERIALS NEEDED






Body: Take doll pin stand and slide on to end of clothespin.

Nose: Paint both ends of a wooden toothpick with orange paint, this will make two noses. Let dry, Cut off 1/2" from each end of the toothpick. Glue nose to center of the "head" of the clothespin.

Snow: Using a wooden craft stick, cover the clothespin with decorative snow. Spread snow evenly with a toothpick. Let dry completely.

Face: With black acrylic paint place two dots for eyes. Then place one dot directly below nose, this will help to center your smile, then place two dots on either side of the center one. Let dry. See diagram below. Use a Q-tip to apply pink blush for cheeks.


QUICK TIP: Shake the small bottle of acrylic paint and then unscrew the lid. Using the end of a toothpick or stylus, place end into the lid of the paint bottle, The small amount of paint in the lid will be just enough paint to make your eyes. Dot the end of the paint brush on the wooden knob and you should have a perfect eye. Repeat.

WILLY: Glue a 1/2" plastic top hat to his head. Cut a scrap of fabric 6"x 3/4". Tie around neck and tack with glue. Cut 4 1/2" piece of mini garland. Bend into a circle to form wreath. Overlap and glue ends. Glue to front of Willy. Paint a small wooden star. Let dry. With permanent marker, make stitch lines around edge of star. Glue to wreath. Tie a small bow of 1/4" ribbon and glue to top of wreath.

BETTY: Cut 4" x 1" piece of scrap fabric. Wrap around Betty for a shawl. Glue a small button to shawl front. Glue a 2" straw hat to top of head. Decorate hat with bits of mini-garland and button.

OTHER TIPS: Make ear muffs by cutting and bending a 1" piece of stove wire. Glue to sides of Willy’s head. Cover ends of wire with two black 1/4 " pompons, one on each side. Glue 3" broom to front of snowman.

Brush a little snow on to the top of Willy’s hat , on the edge of his broom or wreath.


This is a great project for kids . . . I have made lots with my nieces and nephews, Melissa, Ryan and Jenny (ages 8, 6 and 3). With children, do the project in two stages. One, putting the snow on. Let dry, And then two, decorate. This will allow the snow people to dry thoroughly and holds the kids interest.

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