You will never use RUBBER BANDS, TAPE OR VELCRO again!
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The most versatile

The best Thread Saver! Keeps embroidery thread and sewing threads from tangling.   This super strong tape is durable, reusable, and most of all, versatile. Use just one 2" roll to neatly wrap thread spools, ribbon, lace, or wrapping paper tubes; hold books open; keep luggage closed; seal boxes; secure objects while glue dries; or make all kids of repairs -- indoors or outdoors, wet or dry. Amazing TapeTM helps keep quilt strips and pieces organized. You can also wrote on Amazing TapeTM. No piece is too short. Just press and bond small pieces together to make longer pieces.

"It's wonderful because it doesn't leave any sticky residue ... I retired from 3M company a number of years back and I can still order through our catalog, (and I thought that they were the champions as far as tape adhesive) but they do not have anything like  this "Hugo's Amazing Tape"
. . . G. Lind

Hundreds of Uses!
Hundreds of Times!

Without Adhesive!

  • Prevents Embroidery Thread Unraveling

  • Prevents fishing line tangles

  • Great for house moving

  • Bundle & store documents

  • Great for gardening ties

  • Travel & Secure luggage

  • Hold books open

  • Keep cosmetics from leaking

  • Keep packages sealed -- 
    Only tape that holds in freezer

  • Holds objects while glue dries

New!! from 

1/2" Clear Tape for Bobbins

Colors -- Transparent Purple and Blue
These colors have the same holding properties as Hugo's Amazing Tape. They are beautiful to use and because they are transparent the ends are easy to find.

One of the wonderful uses of the colored tapes is for repositionable mark on a plastic ruler and also a guide on the base of a sewing machine.

Hugo's Amazing Tape

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Hugo's Amazing Tape
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