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Kathleen Spike is a positive force
supporting and building the business, confidence and profit of determined entrepreneurs. Her best-selling business book and video, SEW TO SUCCESS teaches business essentials in a captivating format. She heads her own national training and seminar company for entrepreneurs. She is National Director of Training for Color 1, North America’s top fashion training firm. She is active in PACC, National Association of Home-Based Business and the International Coach Federation.


Kathleen offers the following
products and services that can immediately enhance
your professional credibility and value:

Business, Transition, and Life Coaching Services

Books & Videos

purplesquiggle.gif (918 bytes)  Training

  • Advanced Women’s Wardrobe Training
  • Entrepreneurship Training & Business Development
  • Followup by Coaching

For more information on training and coaching
visit Kathleen's web site at or e-mail:

Business and Career Coaching Services

Coaching for Strategic Business Development, Career or Life Transition!!"'

"Coaching provides you with cutting edge confidence needed in today’s competitive marketplace."

Coaching’s winning strategies will help you fit the pieces together!

The Pieces . . .

Choose the perfect career . . .

Launch or improve your business . . .

Learn how to price for profit . . .

 Improve your communication skills . . .

Develop strong sales and marketing skills

Re-evaluate your life and work . . .

Move successfully through a major change . . .

Rebalance in the midst of chaos . . .

Add more fun and personal growth to your life . . .

 Develop or upgrade your personal or professional image . . .

What do you need more of right now? How can you get it?
Call now for a 15 minute coaching assessment.

Kathleen Spike

Phone/Fax (503)-417-1895

Sign up for Free Tips on Coaching and Life Strategies
For more information visit Kathleen's web site at
or e-mail:

Books and Videos

Sewing to Success video -- $29.95 (45 minutes) (S&H $3)

In the video you will see:success1.jpg (28176 bytes)

  • Kathleen’s ideal client and sewing space, study her workroom organization.
  • Look in on actual scenes with clients -- shopping, fitting, final delivery and pricing.
  • You’ll hear how her successful business developed and how to set up one of your own – from book-keeping, business licenses, policies, and procedures to targeting your market and setting up a program to promote yourself.

SEW to SUCCESS! book -- $10.95 bound; $12.95 spiral (S&H $2)

Kathleen’s autobiographical book expands on:

  • additional details beyond the video
  • samples of business forms, including accounting techniques
  • policies and procedures with clients
  • figuring your price and getting it

Together the book and video give you the complete story on how to turn your love of sewing into a professional, home-based business.

pants1.jpg (9572 bytes)Pants Can Fit -- $9.95 (S&H $2)

  • The seven points that Kathleen Spike has used as a pant designer and custom fitter for 17 years is in this book. Logical, straightforward and it works!

    Check out Kathleen's Pant Fitting Tips online.

"2-Hour Trousers" video -- $29.95 (S&H $3 1st, video; $2 each add’tl video)

  • Professional Quality Pant Techniques featuring Kathleen Spike, produced by Palmer/Pletsch Publishing
  • 100 minutes, VHS (S&H $3 for first video; $2 each add’tl video)

Watch the video, read the book, watch the video again. Now, take your book, your pattern and fit your pants!

fit1.jpg (9558 bytes) Have a Fit Book -- $9.95 (S&H $2)

  • Fashion Sewers have a Fit!
  • Practical and easy to apply principles
  • Style + Fit + Fabrication = Fashionable Style

To purchase books or videos
Send your check or money order (US Funds) to:

PO Box 69264, Portland, OR 97201
or fax at 503-417-1895

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