Quilt Market May 1999

A few months ago we received an e-mail from a subscriber requesting that we include some photos of quilts and things for those of you that cannot make it to the various shows.  It has taken me a while but I have dug up some photos that were taken at the last Quilt Market which took place at Portland OR. in May of this year.   This was the  first show of this magnitude that I have been able to attend and believe me it was an experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met many new people. I was able to see and learn many new things, get some new  ideas by going to some of the seminars, and even just absorbing the booths and how they were set up.   This is just a few pictures that were given to us however in the future we will make more of a consious effort to take lots of pictures of our own so that we can let you see them. 

quilt_market1.jpg (61901 bytes) quilt_market2.jpg (65910 bytes)

quilt_market3.jpg (58608 bytes)