wolvesqlt.jpg (29735 bytes)The Critter Pattern Works was started in 1989 by designer Debora Konchinsky to fill a need in the marketplace. There were no realistic animal appliqués sold for sewing enthusiasts and quilters! Click here to go to Critter Pattern Works home page.

Even today, there is no other company doing these kind of designs -- Critter Patterns features animal-appliqué patterns grouped by themes. Designs range from categories such as Farmyard Friends, to animals from a single species (cats, rabbits, or frogs), to a collection of Arctic Critters or Australian Critters. Critter Pattern Works now has 46 appliqué patterns and two patterns for clothing which are geared toward appliqué decoration. One of their newest patterns is Wolves, a pattern which explores applique and drawing with the sewing machine (raw edge applique).


Other Patterns from Critter Pattern Works

koalaqlt3.jpg (29976 bytes)



Lounging around in eucalyptus trees.  The leaves in this quilt are 3-D. You can buy this pattern as a pattern or a kit with all the fabrics required to make the quilt top.


catfaces.jpg (42748 bytes)Cat Faces

This is pattern that Debora demonstrated on Simply Quilts show #427 on HGTV in US and Canada.

There are twenty Cat Faces in this pattern and you can arrange them any way you like.  Debora gives instructions in the pattern for 3-D whiskers and a scribbling technique which simulate cat fur.

This pattern comes as a pattern and as a kit with all the fabric needed to make a quilt top with all twenty cat faces.




fancyfowlqlt.jpg (31190 bytes)

Fancy Fowl

Many chickens and roosters with 3-D tail feathers, eggs and baby chicks, and paper piecing repeated designs for fill ins.

alphabet.jpg (47263 bytes)Critter's Alphabet

Twenty six funky letter and 26 realistic animals in a crazy quilt design with stars. 

Do your own thing with many black and white prints from your stash or start a collection.

Even though she designs the patterns, instead of copying what she has worked out, Debora expects you to do something different with her animal-themed appliqué patterns! There are so many possibilities -- you can make your project as complicated or as easy as you want by limiting the number of designs you choose to use! You can even isolate one element from a pattern and use it for simple projects like the placemats to the right.

Debora Konchinsky lectures about using your own creative juices to make original, non-repetitive work which is exciting and fun. She gives lectures at many of the shows The Critter Pattern Works attends. Check out her online seminar "Take a Flying Leap to Creativity" in the Get Creative! Conference Center.

Visit our web site at www.critterpat.com for a look at the Pattern Catalog, to review our Show Schedule. Orders can be placed on line with our secure shopping cart system.

Contact us at by e-mail at info@critterpat.com
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