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Ginnie Burton 
wearing Adult Ball Cap

Learn how to design and construct cloth hats for the entire family, (including your pet dog or cat). Using a Muggin's hat pattern, you will learn how to sew hats that have the finished appearance of ready-to-wear hats. Patterns include ball caps, sun/rain hats, camping hats, golf hats, tams, visors, dog hats and much, much more.

A few tricks and tips that make hat making fun . .

The commercial ball cap brim is the secret to a professional looking hat. It is sewn with a regular machine needle, on a regular machine.    The brim will not crush or crack. And it is machine washable.

Each kit comes with pattern, instructions and brim. Extra packages of brims may be purchased.

Brims are available in adult, child and baby sizes. Brims are made for ball caps, golf hats, dog hats. The Oversized Brim -- newest member of the brim family -- may be used on the ball cap, sun-visor or bandanna sun-visor.

When buying a pattern, it is advised that you also buy extra brims. Why settle for only one hat?

Country Gentleman Hat Pattern

Sun-Visor Pattern

Ball Cap and Tam Patterns

Sun/Rain Hat Pattern

Dog Hat Kit

Use your imagination in creating your own original designs, machine embroidery, pin weaving, silk ribbon embroidery, embellishments, unusual fabrics, etc., all add to a touch of "uniqueness" to your hat.

Either patterns or ready-to-wear hats are available.

  • Wholesale orders accepted. Minimum order of $100.00.
  • Print out the following order form to place your order or send for your catalogue today

Virginia Burton
837 Red Oaks Drive
Murray, UT 84123
801-263-1145 e-mail:


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KITS: Each kit includes pattern, instructions and brim

BCK-A Adult Ball Cap Kit $6.50    
BCK-C Child Ball Cap Kit (2-5 yrs) $6.50    
BCK-B Baby Ball Cap Kit (Birth to1 yr) $6.00    
EMP-A Ear Muff Pattern (to be used with ball cap pattern) $4.25    
HASK Sun/Rain Hat Kit (all sizes) $6.50    
SMK S'Mores Camping Hat Kit (all sizes) $6.50    
SVK Sun Visor Kit $6.50    
ERHK English Riding Hat Kit $6.50    
CGK Country Gentleman Hat Kit (Tam) $6.50    
BHK Beret $6.00    
DHK Dog Hat Kit -- All Sizes $6.50    

HAT BRIMS: One included with each kit. BE SURE TO ORDER EXTRA BRIMS

BO1-A Adult Ball Cap Brims (5 per pkg) $6.50    
BO2-C Child Ball Cap Brims (5 per pkg) $6.50    
BO3-B Baby Ball Cap Brims (5 per pkg) $6.00    
BO4-O Oversized Brims (4 per pkg) Used with Ball Cap and Sun-visor Kits $6.50    
GO5 Golf Hat Brims (5 per pkg) Used with Country Gent and English Riding Hat $6.50    
DO6 Dog Hat Brims (3 per pkg) 
Specifiy Size: xsm, sm, med, lg, x-lg

SPECIALTY ITEMS: Used in the construction of Ball Hat Kits

BFT Beacon FabriTac glue permanent adhesive (Used in all kits) $6.50    
GS Glue Stick, large $3.50    
DCB Dritz Half Ball Covered Buttons $3.50    
PELLON Crafter Weight Pellon (#65) $3.95 yd.    

NOTE: All $6.50 items are 3/ $18.00




Order in $


Order in $


$5 to 12.


$30.01 to $50


$12.01 to $15.


$50.01 to $70


$15.01 to $30.


$70.01 to $100





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