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Our creamy rich candles are all individually hand poured in British Columbia, Canada. We mix our candles with the highest quality fragrances which means that you will experience fragrance throughout the entire burning time, unlike candles dipped in fragrance. We use superior wax and Lead Free Wicks to ensure the best burning candle on the market.

Our candles will not only smell incredible while burning but they also burn clean so that there is virtually no waste! This is why we feel confident in offering a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" to all of our customers if they are not completely satisfied with any product they receive from Vela Gifts.

Scented Candles and Accessories

All Candles are hand poured. We DO NOT use lead wicks. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Products

VOTIVES $15.00/dozen
6 in one fragrance,
6 in another can be ordered. 
Burn time is approximately 15 hours. Available in 12 fragrances.
PILLARS $11.00/3x5, 
$13.00/3x7, $15.00/3x9,
$36.00/matching set of (3)
Available in 12 fragrances. All pillars are textured.
FLOATERS $3.00/package of (3)
Burn time is approximately 4 hours 
Available in 12 colors 
Floating candles are unscented
Burn time is approximately 20 hours 
Relaxing (color is purple)
Revitalizing (color is yellow)
CINNAMON HEARTS $8.00/each (3" high)
Available in cinnamon fragrance only
Color is red
3 WICK $25.00/each (6x5" high)
Burn time is approximately 100 hours
Available in 12 fragrances
GIFT PACKAGES $10.00/each 
Includes 5 votives and 1 glass votive cup
Available in 12 fragrances


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Blossom-Light Pink Licorice-Grey
Citrus-Orange Lily-White
Eucalyptus-Green Maple Syrup-Brown
Lavender-Purple Mulberry-Burgundy
Pear-Yellow Vanilla-Ivory

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